Print  Name:    Susquehanna Soccer Club Code:    09SSC
Street:    P.O. Box 60889 Phone:    888-347-4568
City:    Harrisburg  State/Zip:    Pa 
Club Website: Status:    Active
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Club President  Keith Brown (717) 343-4492  Email Me
Club Vice-President  Greg Feather (717) 877-2100  Email Me No admin rights
Secretary  Matt McGeorge (717) 805-5322  Email Me
Club Registrar  Chris Magness (717) 512-1943  Email Me
Club Treasurer  Mike Ferguson () -  Email Me No admin rights
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Veterans Park
1800 Elmerton Ave Harrisburg PA
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U09 Travel Susquehanna Thunder(3859)
U11 Travel Susquehanna Crush 08(3891)
U12 Travel Susquehanna Crush 07(3577)
U12 Travel Susquehanna Crush 06(3578)
U15 Travel Susquehanna Storm(3620)
U15 Travel Susquehanna USFC Inferno(3621)
U16 Travel Susquehanna USA Galaxy(2924)
U17 Travel Susquehanna Wave(3209)
U18 Travel Susquehanna Shockwave(3175)
U09 Travel  Susquehanna Dynamo(3622)
U10 Travel  Susquehanna Blast(3623)
U12 Travel  Susquehanna Fury(3624)
U13 Travel  Susquehanna Panthers(3184)
U14 Travel  Susquehanna Sounders(3625)