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Capital Area Soccer Assoc
  CASA 06M BAYERN  09/09/2017
Fall 2017
 U12 Boys 1 $50.00(unpaid) Forfeit  Score not reported/game not played at the end of season for match #60365 vs.PSA 06 Elite.
    Total: $50.00
Central Susquehanna SC
  CSSC Lady Strikers  12/04/2017
Fall 2017
 U16F Pre $25.00(unpaid) Fine  End of season score report card not submitted.
  CSSC Lady Strikers  11/12/2017
Fall 2017
 U16 Girls 0Premr $50.00(unpaid) Forfeit  Reason: Game #59833 will be unplayed as neither team has enough players.Each team will be fined $50.. Requested by Wendy Campbell CPYSL Executive Administrator of CSSC Lady StrikersRequested: Nov6 2017 11:21AMOpponent: CSSC Lady StrikersGame Time: Nov 12 20171:00PMVenue: Ridge Road ParkDeadline:72 hrs before game time. Requested: 146 hrs before game time.Referee:No Referee Assigned.
    Total: $75.00
Dallastown Soccer Club
  Dallastown Cannonballs  10/22/2017
Fall 2017
 U13 Boys Div 4 $100.00(unpaid) Forfeit  Game #60590 forfeited Tuesday 7:24 am by Coach Ondrasik - I made arrangements for someone to coach my team, as the youth activity was causing myself and my children to miss the game. The PA youth hunt is only offered this weekend and we invested in this trip back in June. I had a coach lined up to conduct the game on my behalf. That coach is called to a mandatory job meeting. He tried to get out of it and informed them that he committed to the game, he was told, that the event was not an optional event. within 2 hours of finding that out,I reached out to other coaches, to take the team, none could since it is a 5 hour commitment. You have to leave at 11:00 for the game and will not get home until 4:00.
I reached out to the opposing coach and could not work out a different day or time to play. In my opinion, he was not acceptable to the game change. No resolution could be reached.
I do not see any options to reschedule the game, since the traveling team needs to committee 5 hours between travel and the game. I also do not feel that the club should be fined for the cancellation. All of the factors are outside of the club's control, and we made every reasonable effort to have the game.
 Note: Total Amount is for fines displayed in this page only.    Total: $100.00
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