List of Forfeits & Fines by Club
Team Name Game Date
Fee Type Comments
East Penn Panther United
 East Penn Juventud America(3920) 2019-05-12  U16 Boys 1 $50.00(unpaid)Fine  Score not reported at the end of Season for scheduled match vs.GYSC Titans(2884)
    Total: $50.00
Hanover SC
 Hanover Storm 9/14/2019  U10 Girls 0Premr $35.00(unpaid)Fine  Second game change for Hanover Storm due to a team conflict.
    Total: $35.00
Iron Valley SC
 Lebanon Valley SC 03b Sky(2291)   U16 Boys 1 $50.00(unpaid)Fine  Game left unscheduled at the end of Season for scheduled match vs.Liberty FC U16M(3893)
    Total: $50.00
Lebanon Valley SC
 Lebanon Valley SC 03b Sky 5/5/2019  U16 Boys 1 $35.00(unpaid)Fine  Second game change for LB 03B Sky. Fee is $35.00
    Total: $35.00
Liberty FC
 Liberty FC U15M 6/2/2019  U15 Boys 3 $35.00(unpaid)Fine  Second game change for Liberty FC U15M due to a tournament conflict. Fee is $35
 Liberty FC U16M 6/9/2019  U16 Boys 1 $35.00(unpaid)Fine  Second game change for Liberty FC U16M due to a tournament. Fee is $35
 Liberty FC U16M 05/03/2019  U16M D1 $69.50(unpaid)Fine  Game was cancelled less than 2 hours prior to kick off and referees were not informed.All referees showed up to the scheduled game.Teams will split referee fees.
 Liberty FC U17M 6/9/2019  U17 Boys 1 $35.00(unpaid)Fine  Second game change for Liberty FC U17. Fee is $35 for game change.
    Total: $174.50
Mifflin County United SC
 MCUSC PennUnited Knights(3415) 9/14/2019  U12 Boys 3-Red $144.00(unpaid)Forfeit  Reason: Not enough players. .
Requested by Glenn Parrillo Coach of MCUSC PennUnited Knights(3415)
Requested: Sep 14 2019 12:58PM
Opponent: MCUSC PennUnited Knights(3415)
Game Time: Sep 14 2019 12:20PM
Venue: Veterans Park

Deadline:72 hrs before game time.
Requested: 0 hrs before game time.
Forfeit Fee: 144
Assigned Primary Referee: McDonnell, Ca
    Total: $144.00
PA Classics
 PA Classics Elite Blue 09 11/2/2019  U11 Girls 1 $35.00(unpaid)Fine  Second game change for PA Classics Elite Blue 09. Fee is $35
 PA Classics Premier 06 9/15/2019  U14 Boys 2 $100.00(unpaid)Forfeit  PA Classics Premier 06M used two unauthorized players from a different league. Coaches agreed to play the game and PA Classics would take the forfeit. Referees were paid as normal. Forfeit fee is $100.00
    Total: $135.00
South Middleton Soccer Assn
 SMSA U9 Force 5/18/2019  U09 Boys 2 $35.00(unpaid)Fine  Second game change for SMSA U9 Force. Fee is $35
    Total: $35.00
West Schuylkill FC
 West Schuylkill FC Legends 9/22/2019  U15 Boys 1 $35.00(unpaid)Fine  Second game game due to coaching conflicts. Fee is $35
  Total: $35.00
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