The following teams are looking for players to play in Spring 2018. If your team need players and would like to advertise your needs in this page contact your club registrar. Click here for instructions.
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Expires Team Name Club Name Age
Division Players
2018-03-30Carlisle Little Lady Herd Carlisle Area Youth SoccerU10F230
2018-03-04Hershey SC 2007 Orange Hershey Soccer ClubU11F0Premr20
2018-02-28GYSC Flash Gettysburg Youth SoccerU11M420
2018-03-04Hershey SC 2006 Blue Hershey Soccer ClubU12F320
2018-03-15HMMS-FORCE HMMS Youth Soccer ClubU12F130
2018-03-04East Penn Union East Penn Panther UnitedU12M320
2018-03-04Hershey SC 2006 Orange Hershey Soccer ClubU13F320
2018-03-04Hershey SC 2005 Orange Hershey Soccer ClubU13F0Premr21
2018-03-15Dillsburg Polar FC Dillsburg Area SCU13F340
2018-02-28GYSC Sharpshooters Gettysburg Youth SoccerU13M330
2018-03-04Dillsburg Gladiators Dillsburg Area SCU13M240
2018-03-03GYSC Sabotage Gettysburg Youth SoccerU14F121
2018-02-28GYSC Titans Gettysburg Youth SoccerU14M120
2018-03-03Keystone Cobras Keystone Cobras SCU14M220
2018-03-04Hershey SC 2004 Orange Hershey Soccer ClubU14M120
    15 Teams Needing Players found