Print  Name:    Myerstown Soccer Club Code:    07MYE
Street:    PO Box 3 Phone:    717-644-5970
City:    Myerstown  State/Zip:    PA  17067
Club Website: Status:    A
Title Club Officers
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Club President  Brian Marquette (717) 949-3545  Email Me
Vice President  Ben Irvin (717) 269-8161  Email Me
Club Registrar  Nate Sherk (717) 866-8881  Email Me
Club Field Assignor  Scott Swanger (717) 866-6714  Email Me
Club Secretary   JoAnne Swanger (717) 866-6714  Email Me
Club Treasurer  Derrick Hershey (717) 866-1703  Email Me
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YOUR CLUB HAS NOT ADDED THE HOME VENUES FOR YOUR TEAMS TO PLAY ON FOR THE CPYSL League Games. You must login as club officer to add the venue fields that your club is using for the CPYSL league games.

It allows your club officers to CLOSE THE VENUE through your club page if fields are not playable. The concerned coaches, club officers, referees, referee assignor and CPYSL office are notified via email and text. The CPYSL Weather phone hotline is no longer checked by the CPYSL office.  

Note: Remove does not delete venue. It removes venue from your club venue list.
Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U13 Travel ELCO United(3470)
U14 Travel ELCO United(2737)
U15 Travel ELCO United(3652)
U11 Travel  ELCO United(3475)
U12 Travel  ELCO United(2739)
U14 Travel  ELCO United(2738)
U15 Travel  ELCO United 03(3529)
U17 Travel  ELCO United(2755)
U18 Travel  ELCO United(3464)