Print  Name:    Mifflin County United SC Code:    06MIF
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City:    Lewistown  State/Zip:    PA  17044
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Club President  Barrett Knepp (717) 994-8097  Email Me
Club Registrar  Natalie Knepp (717) 424-2149  Email Me
Club Field Assignor  Brian Robinson (717) 463-4017  Email Me
Club Treasurer  John Quinn (717) 247-2310  Email Me
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MCUSC ALT #2-Rec Park
108 Montgomery Ave Lewistown PA
- 2  0    
1 Manor Drive Lewistown PA
- 1  0    
Derry field
73 Reserve Lane Lewistown PA
- 2  0    
Lions Den
158 Lions Den Drive McAlisterville PA
- 3  0    
125 Kish Road Reedsville PA
- 2  0    
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U10 Travel MCUSC 09G (3947)
U10 Travel MCUSC Little Huskies 10G(4148)
U10 Travel MCUSC Tigers FC 10G(4206)
U11 Travel MCUSC 06G White(3479)
U11 Travel MCUSC 08G(3699)
U12 Travel MCUSC Adrenaline(3864)
U12 Travel MCUSC 07G(3948)
U12 Travel MCUSC United 08G(4103)
U13 Travel MCUSC 06G(3206)
U15 Travel MCUSC PennUnited Predators Blue(3474)
U15 Travel MCUSC Breakers(2900)
U15 Travel MCUSC PennUnited Predators Green(2305)
U15 Travel MCUSC PennUnited Kicks Green(2306)
U15 Travel MCUSC Explosion(2519)
U15 Travel MCUSC Kixie Chicks(2573)
U15 Travel MCUSC Thorns 05G(4149)
U15 Travel MCUSC Penn United Rovers(3946)
U15 Travel MCUSC PennUnited Griffins(3700)
U17 Travel MCUSC PennUnited Kicks Blue(2307)
U18 Travel MCUSC Extreme(2721)
U18 Travel MCUSC Flash(2201)
U09 Travel  MCUSC Hotspurs 11B(4147)
U09 Travel  MCUSC Tigers FC 11B(4150)
U10 Travel  MCUSC Tigers FC 10B(4151)
U11 Travel  MCUSC 08B(3617)
U11 Travel  MCUSC Revolution 09(3830)
U11 Travel  MCUSC United 09B(3834)
U12 Travel  MCUSC Timbers 08B(4163)
U12 Travel  MCUSC Revolution 06(3378)
U12 Travel  MCUSC PennUnited Knights(3415)
U13 Travel  MCUSC Revolution 07(3379)
U13 Travel  MCUSC PennUnited Chelsea(3015)
U13 Travel  MCUSC PennUnited Foxes(3160)
U13 Travel  MCUSC Sting 07B(3162)
U14 Travel  MCUSC Thunder(3021)
U15 Travel  MCUSC Blue Blaze(2918)
U15 Travel  MCUSC PennUnited Legends(2303)
U15 Travel  MCUSC PennUnited Hatters(2578)
U15 Travel  MCUSC Hammers 05B(3476)
U16 Travel  MCUSC PennUnited Royals(2731)
U17 Travel  MCUSC PennUnited Surge(3017)