Print  Name:    Panthers United SA Code:    17PAU
Street:    PO Box 3155 Phone:   
City:    York  State/Zip:    PA  17402
Club Website: Status:    Active
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Secretary  Pam Funk (717) 887-2122  Email Me
Club President  Curtis Bolig (570) 713-8088  Email Me
Club Registrar  Kenneth Mathias (717) 767-3710  Email Me
Club Treasurer  Todd Gladfelter (717) 767-1806  Email Me
Public Relations Chairman  Scott Fetterman (717) 755-2540  Email Me
Club Venue
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Central York Middle School
1950 North Hills Road York PA
- 1  0    
Sinking Springs ES
2850 Susquehanna Trail York PA
- 3  0    
American Hydro, Inc
135 Stonewood Rd York PA
- 1  0    
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U09 Travel Panthers Flash(3971)
U10 Travel Panthers Lightning(3739)
U11 Travel Panthers Crushers(3469)
U17 Travel Panthers 03 Galaxy(2675)
U09 Travel  Panthers Falcons(3961)
U09 Travel  Panthers Dynamo(3972)
U10 Travel  Panthers Strikers(3960)
U11 Travel  Panthers Sharpshooters(3492)
U12 Travel  Panthers TNT(3741)
U12 Travel  Panthers Arsenal(3233)
U12 Travel  Panthers Impact(3970)
U13 Travel  Panthers United(3040)
U15 Travel  Panthers Phoenix(3742)