Expiration Date: 5/13/2019

CPYSL's Scheduler has been receiving many inquiries about the proper procedures for game change requests.  Game change instructions are outlined in the CPYSL COACH GUIDELINES_SPRING 2019 posted in the Downloads section, pages 7 & 8.

Please encourage your coaches to be familiar with all CPYSL's rules and procedures.



It is the responsibility of the coaches to know and understand the guidelines regarding requests for changes to scheduled league games and games designated as TBAs (To Be Announced).  Being unfamiliar with these Guidelines will not be accepted as an excuse for not following the rules and guidelines.  It is CPYSL’s intention that all games be played.  If a game is listed as a TBA or canceled for any reason, the game must be rescheduled and played within the guidelines.  No non-weather related game changes after APRIL 29, 2019.

Game change requests must be requested by Team “A” and agreed on by Team “B” by 11:30 AM the Monday PRIOR TO scheduled game.  

The team requesting the change should submit the game change request in the CPYSL website.  Each team is permitted to request three game changes PRIOR TO APRIL 29, 2019.  Each team will be granted ONE FREE game change request.  The second game change request is $35.  The third game change request is $100.

Game change requests for State Cup games, unplayable field conditions, TBAs scheduled by the league, and emergency situations are not assessed a fee but are subject to approval.  Emergency situations do NOT include: too few players, an unavailable coach, etc.  Any and all violations of these rules and guidelines will result in the forfeits/fines established by the CPYSL.


The requesting coach (Coach A) needs to reach out to the opposing coach (Coach B) to inform Coach B that they are interested in changing a game.  This includes changing a scheduled game to a TBA.  

Once Coach A discusses the change with Coach B, Coach A can initiate the game change request in the CPYSL game change system by logging in to the CPYSL system and clicking on the time of the game they wish to change on their schedule.  Then, click on the calendar in the upper righthand corner of the game page and complete the change request form.  The form must be filled out completely.  

After Coach A has completed the change request form, notification of the change request form will be sent to Coach B for their approval.  Although notification will be sent via email to Coach B, due to spam filters, CPYSL STRONGLY encourages Coach A to call Coach B to let them know the change request form is ready for their approval.  Coach B will need to login to their CPYSL team page and certify that they agree to the change request.

Once Coach A has submitted their request and Coach B has certified their approval of the request, the change request will be directed to the CPYSL office staff for their FINAL approval of the game change.  FINAL approval is not automatic...all games change requests are finalized manually by office staff after it is determined that there are no field conflicts.

IMPORTANT!  Coach A's request and Coach B's approval must reach the office at least FIVE DAYS PRIOR to the originally scheduled game.  The game change system will automatically REJECT any change request submitted less than five days prior to the originally scheduled game.

1. If utilizing your ONE FREE game change request to attend a sanctioned tournament, that CPYSL game will need to be rescheduled.  Once the coach has applied to the tournament, and contacted the opposing coach, the coach requesting the change should complete the necessary form online.  Coaches should NOT wait until their acceptance letter is received to request the game change. No game changes after APRIL 29, 2019.

2. All league games conflicting with State Cup games must be rescheduled as soon as the State Cup game date is known and at least by 11:30 AM the Monday PRIOR TO the league game.

3. All weather-related game changes, due to unplayable field conditions, must be rescheduled within seven (7) calendar days.

4. If two coaches cannot agree to a new date and time within seven (7) calendar days of a request for rescheduling, then the request must be submitted to the CPYSL office and the Games Commissioner will decide on a new date and time and game must be played.5.  The Home Team must submit the game change request form for all TBA games scheduled by the league or games canceled due to unplayable fields.

5. The Home Team must submit the game change request form for all TBA games scheduled by the league or games canceled due to unplayable fields.

6. For changes due to State Cup Games, the requesting team must submit the request form.

7. There will be no fee for changes due to State Cups, unplayable field conditions, or the scheduling of TBA games scheduled by the League.

8. The Referee Assignor will only accept online game changes, and make the necessary referee assignments, based on the request of the Games Commissioner.