Print  Name:    Penn Express FC Code:    06PEX
Street:    PO Box 112 Phone:    717-552-1587
City:    Fayetteville  State/Zip:    PA  17222
Club Website: Status:    A
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Club President  Michael Bernitt (717) 552-1587  Email Me
Vice President  Drew Moser (717) 830-2451  Email Me
Treasurer  Laura Frey (717) 372-1686  Email Me
Secretary  Sue Cocco (717) 830-5305  Email Me
Registrar  Christina SanMiguel-Titman (240) 793-9492  Email Me
Director of Coaching  Paul Unruh (717) 860-1456  Email Me
Director of Fundraising & Sponsorship  Heather Feight (717) 360-1261  Email Me
Member at Large  Dave Conner (717) 729-4390  Email Me
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Norlo Park
2175 Lincoln Way East Chambersburg Pa
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U10 Travel Penn Express FC Blaze(4153)
U11 Travel Penn Express FC Rage(4157)
U12 Travel  Penn Express FC Supernova(4155)
U13 Travel  Penn Express FC Arsenal(4156)
U13 Travel  Penn Express FC Storm(4154)