Print  Name:    McConnellsburg Youth Soccer Club Code:    00MCC
Street:    16264 Great Cove Road Phone:    (717) 485-5721
City:    McConnellsburg  State/Zip:    PA  17233
Club Website:    Status:    Active
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Club President  Crystal Glenn (717) 485-5721  Email Me
Registrar  Misty Hershey (717) 860-6477  Email Me
Treasurer  Christina  Ramsey (717) 485-4064  Email Me
Vice President  Christian Hann (717) 485-5548  Email Me No admin rights
Secretary  Alicia Mellott (717) 987-4182  Email Me No admin rights
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Lions Club Park
664 Lions Park Drive McConnellsburg PA
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U09 Travel MYSC ELITE(4178)
U11 Travel MYSC ELITE(3601)
U12 Travel MYSC ELITE(2991)
U12 Travel MYSC ELITE(3562)
U18 Travel MYSC ELITE(2980)
U09 Travel  MYSC ELITE(4177)
U10 Travel  MYSC White Elite(3919)
U11 Travel  MYSC ELITE(3451)
U12 Travel  MYSC ELITE(2982)
U15 Travel  MYSC ELITE(2981)
U18 Travel  MYSC ELITE(2994)