Print  Name:    Northeastern Youth Sports Association Code:    17NEY
Street:    185 Fig Tree Way Phone:    (717) 495-5794
City:    Manchester  State/Zip:    PA  17345
Club Website: Status:    A
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Club Registrar  Brent Shirk (717) 495-5794  Email Me No admin rights
Club President  Brent Shirk (717) 495-5794  Email Me
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Conewago Creek Recreation Area
1098 Wago Road Mount Wolf PA
- 4  0    
Northeastern High School Stadium
300 High St Manchester PA
- 1  0    
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U09 Travel NEYSA 09G Orange(3582)
U09 Travel NEYSA 2010 Girls Black(3852)
U10 Travel NEYSA 2010 Girls Orange(4123)
U11 Travel NEYSA 2009 Girls Black(4124)
U12 Travel NEYSA 2008 Girls Black(4125)
U12 Travel NEYSA 2007 Girls Black(3853)
U13 Travel NEYSA 2006 Girls Black(3854)
U13 Travel NEYSA Nitro(3581)
U15 Travel NEYSA 2004 Girls Black(3855)
U15 Travel NEYSA 2005 Girls Black(4126)
U09 Travel  NEYSA 2010 Boys Black(3848)
U09 Travel  NEYSA 2011 Boys Black(4114)
U10 Travel  NEYSA 2010 Boys Black(4116)
U10 Travel  NEYSA 2011 Boys Orange(4117)
U10 Travel  NEYSA 2010 Boys White(4118)
U10 Travel  NEYSA 2010 Boys Orange(4119)
U10 Travel  NEYSA 2009 Boys Black(3849)
U11 Travel  NEYSA 2007 Boys Black (3692)
U11 Travel  NEYSA 2008 Boys Black(3940)
U12 Travel  NEYSA 2007 Boys Orange(3850)
U12 Travel  NEYSA United 06B(3320)
U14 Travel  NEYSA United U14M(3294)
U14 Travel  NEYSA 2006 Boys Black(4121)
U15 Travel  NEYSA 2005 Boys Black(4122)
U15 Travel  NEYSA 2004 Boys Black(3851)
U16 Premier  NEYSA U16 Boys(3691)
U17 Travel  NEYSA 2002 Boys(3938)
U18 Premier  NEYSA U18 Boys(3690)
U19 Travel  NEYSA 2000 Boys(3939)