Print  Name:    Chambersburg Youth Soccer Association Code:    17CHB
Street:    P. O. Box 680 Phone:   
City:    Chambersburg  State/Zip:    PA  17201
Club Website: Status:    Active
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Club President  Ed Franchi (717) 404-9000  Email Me
Secretary  Trish Thomas (717) 377-1430  Email Me
Treasurer  Stacey Rowe (717) 414-8747  Email Me
Head Registrar  Brad Rowe (717) 360-5574  Email Me
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TK & Nellie Nitterhouse Memorial Park
296 West Washington Street Chambersburg PA
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U12 Travel CYSA 08G Blue(3632)
U12 Travel CYSA 06G Blue Flames(3687)
U13 Travel CYSA 05G Blue Raptors(3468)
U15 Travel CYSA 04G Blue Crew(2892)
U17 Travel CYSA 03G Blue Whiplash(2490)
U18 Travel CYSA 00G Blue Trojans(2138)
U09 Travel  CYSA 07 Blue Knights(3060)
U10 Travel  CYSA 09 Blue Avengers(3556)
U10 Travel  CYSA 09 White Chaos(3831)
U11 Travel  CYSA 08 Blue Dragons(3563)
U11 Travel  CYSA 04 White Everton(2645)
U12 Travel  CYSA 07 White Storm(3321)
U12 Travel  CYSA 07 Blue Tsunami(3363)
U13 Travel  CYSA 06 Blue Spartans(3059)
U13 Travel  CYSA 05 White(3688)
U14 Travel  CYSA 05 Blue Sounders(2984)
U14 Travel  CYSA 04 Blue Arsenal(2644)
U15 Travel  CYSA 00 White Excite(2647)
U16 Travel  CYSA 02 Blue Elite(2387)
U16 Travel  CYSA 03 Blue Revolution(2467)
U17 Travel  CYSA 98 Blue Heat(1502)
U17 Travel  CYSA 00 Blue Warriors(1876)
U17 Travel  CYSA 01 Blue Lightning(2889)
U17 Travel  CYSA 01 Thunder(3063)
U19 Premier  CYSA 99 Blue PSG(3659)
U19 Travel  CYSA 98 Blue United(1440)
U19 Travel  CYSA 99 Blue Union(2315)
U19 Travel  CYSA 00 Blue United(3927)