Print  Name:    Manheim Area SC Code:    03MAS
Street:    910 Pinkerston Road Phone:    717-406-1578
City:    Mount Joy  State/Zip:    PA  17552
Club Website: Status:    Active
Title Club Officers
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Club Registrar  Corey Voegele (717) 406-1578  Email Me
Director of Club operations  Stephen Conn (717) 951-4218  Email Me
Club Registrar  Andy Myers (717) 468-8410  Email Me
Club President  Corey Voegele (717) 406-1578  Email Me No admin rights
Club Venue
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Doe Run Elementary School
281 Doe Run Road Manheim PA
- 1  0    
Manheim Central High School (Stadium)
350 Memorial Drive Manheim PA
- 1  0    
Manheim Central High School Stadium
350 Memorial Drive Manheim PA
- 1  0    
Rapho Park (Mount Joy)
960 Strickler Road Mount Joy PA
- 3  0    
Logan Park (Manheim)
700 Ferdinand Street Manheim PA
- 1  0    
Manheim Central Middle School Field
261 White Oak Rd Manheim PA
- 1  0    
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U09 Travel MASC Manheim Conquerors 10(3871)
U10 Travel MASC Manheim Strikers 09(3696)
U11 Travel MASC Manheim United 04(2989)
U11 Travel MASC Manheim Warriors 08(3653)
U12 Travel MASC Manheim United(2589)
U13 Travel MASC Manheim Magic 05(3213)
U13 Travel Manheim Lady Barons 06(3873)
U15 Travel MASC United 03(3695)
U15 Travel MASC Manheim Mystics(2294)
U18 Travel MASC MC Lady Barons(2808)
U19 Premier MASC Manheim Lady Barons(2593)
U09 Travel  Manheim United 10(3870)
U10 Travel  Manheim United 09(3872)
U12 Travel  MASC Manheim Mutiny(2110)
U12 Travel  MASC Manheim United 06(3643)
U13 Premier  MASC Manheim Mutiny 2111(2111)
U13 Travel  MASC Manheim Mutiny 04(3397)
U13 Travel  MASC Manheim Mutiny(2109)
U13 Travel  MASC Manheim Mutiny 07(4162)
U16 Travel  MASC Manheim Barons(3212)
U16 Travel  MASC Manheim Mutiny(2595)
U19 Travel  MASC Manheim Barons(2809)