Expiration Date: 5/13/2020
March 18, 2020 - with corrected website link...sorry.

To all clubs, teams, coaches, parents:

March 25th meeting postponement (New Date):

Due to the continuing situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) CPYSL is going to be rescheduling our March 25th meeting to May 13th. due to our host Lower Allen Twp. closing the facility through the end of April. As this health concern is still very fluid at this point, there may be still be another reschedule of the meeting as the federal, state, county, and local health organizations assess the condition of the virus and the constraints necessary to contain it. We will update as we gather more information and assess if necessary.

Spring Season 2020:

Due to the precautions in place by federal, state, and local health organizations, at this time we expect our spring season to start no earlier than April 25th, we will be releasing a tentative Spring schedule with the first few games likely placed as TBA's to allow latitude for coaches & clubs to integrate the games as best possible. The Spring season, will allow for seven (7) games for each team to play as many as they are able to get in. The League will inform all our participants as we get closer to a definitive start date of what revisions & allowances will be available. We thank all for their patience and understanding in this unique time, it is unprecedented.

Other important news:

CPYSL will partner with GotSoccer for the Fall 2020 soccer season for our Premier teams. This will be a separate league from our existing platform, most notably there will be flexibility in scheduling for teams, after the fall schedule is generated, to review and work out with their opponents as necessary any game time & date adjustments to get all games played in a timely manner. The teams in this division will also benefit from the GotSoccer points system giving these teams the opportunity to accrue the GotSoccer points through their season record. This is a trial run program for the fall 2020 thru spring 2021 season at which time CPYSL will assess the program, discuss the merits of continuing the program and if our member clubs feel there is a benefit, we will continue and likely expand the program. As this is a trial, CPYSL will cover any additional fees generated by this program to help our member clubs who have already budgeted their team and player registration fees for the Fall 2020 season. CPYSL hopes that teams who have gone outside our league to play for these benefits (scheduling freedom & GotSoccer points) will reassess the benefits of playing elsewhere and re-join our league to take advantage of playing without excessive travel thus create more opportunities to practice, play in tournaments, and play their season matches in Central PA which will allow their fans to be more active.

CPYSL is in process of evaluating the scholarship entries, please inform your eligible players to finalize their applications so they may also be considered. We are looking forward to awarding our first scholarships this spring.


James Conners

President CPYSL