Expiration Date: 10/31/2018

Closing a venue online through the CPYSL website is a feature that allows CLUB OFFICERS to CLOSE a venue the day of or the day before a scheduled game due to unplayable field conditions.A venue can only be closed for one day.Online closing replaces the CPYSL weather phone line which does not allow for the immediate broadcast to all affected coaches, referees, and administrators.

CLUB OFFICERS can only close the venues that are listed as their home fields.

A CLUB OFFICER must follow the instructions provided through link above to identify their HOME VENUES.

Once a venue is closed, all coaches of teams that play on that date and the referees scheduled to officiate those games will be notified via email and text messages.Coaches and referees must explicitly update their profile to receive text message from CPYSL.

All clubs are required to update their club page to add their home venues and its corresponding field data. Once a venue is added to a club, the club can close or re-open a venue.A venue may be shared by multiple clubs.If a venue is closed by a club, it is reflected to other sharing clubs.

WebSite: www.cpysl.net/club/helpClosing.pdf