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Note: Only registered referees with updated profile will be used to officiate any CPYSL games. Prior to the start of a league season all referees must update their profile and provide the dates a referee cannot officiate a game. Please email the Referee Assignor for more information.

**If you are not on the list and would like to be assigned games, please email your name, and best email address to the Referee Assignor. The Referee Assignor will review your application to add your name on the list. Once you are added to the list, you must login to update your profile. Click the Instructions for more details.
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O Dowd, Tim.  (***) ***-****  **  No  *****@****.com 
OBrien, Mic.  (***) ***-****  **  No  *****@****.com 
OBrien, Rob.  (***) ***-****  **  Yes  *****@****.com 
Ochoa, Lyn.  (***) ***-****  **  No  *****@****.com 
OKeefe, Con.  (***) ***-****  **  No  *****@****.com 
OLeary, Bil.  (***) ***-****  **  No  *****@****.com 
Oliphant, Ryl.  (***) ***-****  **  Yes  *****@****.com 
Oliveira, Pau.  (***) ***-****  **  Yes  *****@****.com 
Ondrasik, Jer.  (***) ***-****  **  No  *****@****.com 
Orner, Don.  (***) ***-****  **  Yes  *****@****.com 
Osanitsch, Bra.  (***) ***-****  **  Yes  *****@****.com 
OShea, Ron.  (***) ***-****  **  No  *****@****.com 
Ouilikon-Malissara, Ala.  (***) ***-****  **  Yes  *****@****.com 
Over, Kai.  (***) ***-****  **  Yes  *****@****.com 
Owen, Jo..  (***) ***-****  **  Yes  *****@****.com 
Owsley, Jos.  (***) ***-****  **  Yes  *****@****.com 
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