Expiration Date: 6/30/2021
 Title: CPYSL MASK POLICY_5/14/2021
May 14, 2021

To all CPYSL Participating members:

Regarding the latest CDC Guidelines released May 13th, 2021.


The Federal Guidance is expansive: Fully vaccinated people those who have received their final Covid-19 vaccination at least two weeks ago no longer need to wear masks outdoors, or in most indoor settings. It is noted that the CDC still has stipulations that state there are still times vaccinated people still shall wear masks.


Looking at the PA Department of Health Dashboard by county shows in the area encompassing CPYSL play, there is an exceptionally low compliance of people getting the vaccine, in Cumberland County with a population of over 250k only 75k are fully vaccinated, less than 36%, Lancaster shows a slightly better vaccinated population at 40%. Franklin, Adams, Dauphin, Lebanon, & York show only 35% or less of the population vaccinated, Perry County with about 20% fully vaccinated. So reviewing these numbers we can conclude that there is still a high chance that the Covid-19 virus could be contracted through contact during our games. Stats: https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Vaccine/Pages/Dashboard.aspx


CPYSL recommends that all players, coaches, spectators, & referees continue their due diligence by the wearing of masks during our games. CPYSL feels it is a small price to pay to assure we are not the reason that our friends, neighbors, and fellow competitors do not contract the Covid-19 virus. We thank those individuals who continue to honor our request so that our members have a safe, healthy environment to play.


James Conners

President CPYSL