Expiration Date: 9/30/2020

To all clubs, teams, coaches, referees, parents:

Regarding CPYSL Fall play

As we ready our League for the youth members to play this sport we enjoy, we must be mindful of several considerations to stay safe for ourselves and the other participants. With the COVID-19 virus close to us in our lives, we must alter the way we participate and even spectate so that we keep all involved as safe as possible. With these concerns at the top of the list, we ask our participants to follow not only the CDC guidelines but to adhere to a few guidelines CPYSL is instituting for the Fall 2020 season.

1. All participants, coaches, spectators, and referees shall wear facemasks.

     a. Players and referees may remove facemasks during active play on the field, at halftime facemasks should be worn as much as possible.

2. Clubs shall have a designated safety person to monitor the health of each team’s participants (See EPYSA guidelines on this policy)

     a. Checking temperatures

     b. Monitoring any contact with individuals who have been infected by the virus and determine risk factors.

3. To minimize contact, coaches are to have the game card, game fees, & EPYSA team roster (two copies, one for referee, one for opponent) immediately available for the head referee.

     a. For Fall 2020 play, there will be no player passes issued by the league, referees will check players using EPYSA team roster with player images to assure participants are registered.

4. Coaches are responsible for their home field; coaches should assure that corner flags and goals (safely anchored) are in place and ready at the allotted kick-off time.

     a. Technical area, teams should maintain a six (6) foot distance between players while on sideline.

     b. Technical area should keep all participants a minimum of six (6) feet from touchline, all spectators should also be six (6) feet from the touchline.

     c. No sharing of drinks, each player should have an individual snack, hand sanitizers.

5. Game balls (3 minimum) should be of proper size with correct pressure prior to the start of the match, referees shall check for compliance.

6. Spectators: The League is asking all to minimize attendance at matches for the Fall 2020 season.  We request that there be only one (1) parent/guardian per player, this is not the time to bring the family, grandparents, uncles, aunts & friends for a social event. For this season, it is about having our youth being able to play the sport they enjoy with minimal risk of viral contact.

     a. Social distancing should be adhered to by spectators as outlined by the CDC

     b. For spectators choosing not to wear a mask or face covering, we ask that they stay a distance away from the field and limit contact with game participants & other spectators.

     c. Each club will monitor their own parents for compliance, referees will note in match report of any team not in compliance, league will monitor reports and relate to club of concerns.

     d. CPYSL still recommends teams and spectators are on opposing sides of the fields, for this season it is mandatory to follow this rule.

7. Game considerations:

     a. NO Throw-ins for the Fall 2020 season, balls going into touch will be restarted with an indirect free kick (kick in) placed on the touchline at the nearest point to where it left the field of play to minimize hand to ball contact. Players should be encouraged to retrieve the ball as best as possible without handling when practical, dribbling up to the line if possible.

     b. Ball runners should also be encouraged to minimize contact with the ball when retrieving by dribbling back to field as possible & practical.

     c. Goalkeepers should have their own jersey or pinnie, sharing of equipment shall be avoided.

     d. Coaches should designate one person per team to assume linesman role (as needed) for the season, please supply the individual with disposable gloves for each match.


     a. Teams discovering a participant has tested positive shall immediately put the entire team in quarantine with no soccer related activity during the quarantine period.

     b. Team must postpone their next match through the CPYSL game portal and other games within the 14 -day quarantine period will be made TBA’s.

     c. Opposing teams and referees will also be notified of the game cancelation.

     d. There are no fines or fees when canceling a match due to being COVID-19 related

9. Risk Management:

     a. The right to play sports always comes with risk. There are no assurances that a player will not roll an ankle, tear and ACL or break a bone. These are the risks we understand as they are common.

     b. COVID-19 is getting to be more understood with each passing day, with each new case, however, there still presents us with many unknown risks. There is no vaccine or cure at this point, each individual, parent, player, coach must make their own decision to assess and determine for themselves if they want to assume that risk and if they want to participate.

     c. We must all work together if we want our youth to enjoy this sport, education and safety should always be at the top of the list.

Let us stay as safe as possible for ourselves while making sure we keep the game safe for all others.


James Conners

President CPYSL