Print  Name:    Camp Hill Soccer Club Code:    06CAM
Street:    PO Box 1484 Phone:   
City:    Camp Hill  State/Zip:    PA  17001
Club Website: Status:    Active
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Club President  Jason Reardon (717) 329-8769  Email Me
Club Treasurer  David Rhen (724) 816-1596  Email Me
Club Registrar  Lynette Pertschi (717) 730-3829  Email Me
Club President  Anthony Bowser (717) 779-5525  Email Me
Director of Fields   John Bendick (412) 417-9582  Email Me
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Schaeffer Park (site of Old Schaeffer Elementary)
2900 Walnut Street Camp Hill PA
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340 North 21st Street Camp Hill PA
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417 South 22nd St. Camp Hill PA
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Siebert Memorial Park
North 25Th Street Camp Hill PA
= 2  0    
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U10 Travel Camp Hill SC U10F BLUE 2011(3809)
U11 Travel Camp Hill SC U11F BLUE 2010(3813)
U12 Travel Camp Hill SC U12F BLUE 2009(3538)
U09 Travel  Camp Hill SC U9M BLUE 2012(4187)
U09 Travel  Camp Hill SC U9M WHITE 2012(4331)
U10 Travel  Camp Hill SC U10M BLUE 2011(3953)
U10 Travel  Camp Hill SC U10M WHITE 2011(4246)
U12 Travel  Camp Hill SC U12M BLUE 2009(3818)
U14 Travel  Camp Hill SC U14M BLUE 2007(3238)
U16 Travel  Camp Hill SC U16 BLUE 2005(4349)