Print  Name:    Big Spring Youth Soccer Assoc. Code:    06BSP
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City:    Carlisle / Newville  State/Zip:    PA 
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Club President  Christopher Best (717) 712-6361  Email Me
Club Registrar  Justine Largent (717) 226-5285  Email Me
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Big Spring High School
45 Mt. Rock Road Newville PA
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West Pennsboro Park
40.203074 CARLISLE PA
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U11 Travel BSYSA Panthers(3215)
U12 Travel BSYSA Strikers(3636)
U17 Travel BSYSA LADYDOGS(2792)
U10 Travel  BSYSA Lightning(3973)
U11 Travel  BSYSA Thunder(3906)
U11 Travel  BSYSA Vipers(3637)
U12 Travel  BSYSA Warriors(3701)
U12 Travel  BSYSA Hurricanes(3013)
U13 Travel  BSYSA Bulldogs(3907)
U14 Travel  BSYSA Bulldogs(3702)
U14 Travel  BSYSA BULLETS(1683)
U16 Travel  BSYSA Bulldogs(4348)
U17 Travel  BSYSA Bulldogs(3012)