Print  Name:    Fusion FC Code:    06FUS
Street:    PO Box 243 Phone:    717-932-7887
City:    Lewisberry  State/Zip:    PA  17339-0243
Club Website: Status:    Active
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Club President  Winnona Piazza (717) 932-7887  Email Me
Club Registrar  Adam Green (717) 226-1109  Email Me
Vice President Boys   Ashley Rehm (717) 932-7887  Email Me No admin rights
Vice President Girls   Kristin Myers (717) 932-7887  Email Me No admin rights
Vice President Recreation  Eric Healy (717) 932-7887  Email Me No admin rights
Club President  Kevin Catlin (717) 932-7887  Email Me
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Red Land Soccer Complex - Fusion FC
250 Old Quaker Road Etters PA
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McLaughlin Soccer Complex - Fusion FC
Main St, Lisburn Mechanicsburg PA
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U09 Travel FusionFC_12F_Black(4218)
U10 Premier FusionFC_11F_Future(4042)
U11 Premier FusionFC_10F_Black(3874)
U12 Travel FusionFC_09F_Blue(4219)
U13 Travel FusionFC_09F_Black(3610)
U14 Premier FusionFC_07F_Black(2838)
U14 Premier FusionFC_07F_Blue(3351)
U09 Travel  FusionFC_12M_Blue(4038)
U09 Travel  FusionFC_12M_Black(4226)
U10 Travel  FusionFC_11M_Black(4037)
U12 Travel  FusionFC_09M_Black(3613)
U12 Travel  FusionFC_09M_Blue(4039)
U14 Travel  FusionFC_08M_Black(3066)
U15 Premier  FusionFC_07M_Black(2842)