Print  Name:    Eagle F.C. Code:    06EFC
Street:    PO Box 774 Phone:    (717) 612-8404
City:    Mechanicsburg  State/Zip:    PA  17055
Club Website: Status:    Active
Title Club Officers
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Administrator   Miranda Miller (717) 612-8404  Email Me
Director of Coaching and Program Development   Brian Redding (717) 713-7058  Email Me
Club President  Elizabeth Bergey (999) 999-9999  Email Me
Club Registrar  Chipi San (717) 579-7964  Email Me
Club Venue
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Hampden Park Fields (HAMPDEN 1-10)
5002 Hampden Park Dr Mechanicsburg PA
= 6  0    
Hidden Creek
199 Milfording Rd Mechanicsburg PA
= 4  0    
Cumberland Valley High School
6746 Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg PA
= 1  0    
Sporting Hill Station (formerly ESB)
231 S Sporting Hill Road Mechanicsburg PA
= 2  0    
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U09 Travel Eagle F.C. 12G Black(4128)
U10 Premier Eagle F.C. 11G Black(4127)
U10 Premier hmms dynamite(3856)
U11 Travel Eagle F.C. 10G Black(3858)
U12 Travel Eagle F.C. 09G Black(3596)
U13 Travel HMMS-CHELSEA(4192)
U14 Premier Eagle F.C. 07G Black(3399)
U14 Travel Eagle F.C. 07G Red(3400)
U15 Premier HMMS-EAGLE FC 05 CREW(3403)
U17 Premier Eagle F.C. 04G Black(2561)
U18 Travel Eagle F.C. 03 G Black(2717)
U19 Premier HMMS-EAGLE FC 01 UNITED(1998)
U19 Premier HMMS-EAGLE FC 02 IMPACT(2327)
U09 Travel  Eagle F.C. 12B Black(4111)
U09 Travel  HMMS-DAGGERS(4112)
U09 Travel  HMMS-TEAM MENDOZA(4191)
U09 Travel  Eagle F.C. 12B Red(4317)
U10 Premier  Eagle F.C. 11B Black (3861)
U10 Travel  Eagle F.C. 11B Red(4318)
U11 Travel  Eagle F.C. 10B Black(3860)
U12 Travel  HMMS-RED EAGLES(3414)
U12 Travel  Eagle F.C. 09B Black(3597)
U12 Travel  HMMS 09 Thunder(3598)
U13 Travel  Eagle F.C. 08B Black(3412)
U14 Travel  Eagle F.C. 07B Black(3006)
U15 Premier  Eagle F.C. 06 B Black(4109)
U15 Travel  Eagle F.C. 06B Red(2949)
U16 Premier  Eagle F.C. 05B Black(4113)
U16 Travel  Eagle F.C. 05B Red (2951)
U17 Premier  HMMS-EAGLE FC 03 UNITED(2376)
U17 Travel  Eagle F.C. 04B Black(2562)
U18 Travel  HMMS-EAGLES 02(2102)
U19 Travel  Eagle F.C. 02B Black(2217)