Print  Name:    Donegal Youth Soccer Club Code:    03DON
Street:    PO Box 396 Phone:   
City:    Maytown  State/Zip:    PA  17550
Club Website: Status:    Active
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Club President  Alexis Bortner (717) 945-8499  Email Me No admin rights
Club Vice-President  Josh Kovalik (717) 798-6202  Email Me
Club Venue
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Rotary Park
201 Fairview Street Mount Joy PA
= 1  0    
Community Bible Church
331 Anderson Ferry Rd Marietta PA
= 1  0    
Cove Park
432 Old Market Street Mount Joy PA
= 1  0    
Janus School
205 Lefever Road Mount Joy PA
= 1  0    
Donegal Primary School
1055 Koser Rd Mount Joy PA
= 1  0    
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U09 Travel Donegal Lightning 04(2910)
U09 Travel Donegal Lightning 08(3296)
U09 Travel Donegal Lightning 09(3546)
U09 Travel Donegal Lightning 12(4346)
U10 Travel Donegal Lightning 10(3829)
U12 Travel Donegal Lightning 05(3295)
U14 Travel Donegal Lightning 03(3367)
U14 Travel Donegal Lightning 06/07(3099)
U18 Travel Donegal Lightning 02(3179)
U09 Travel  Donegal Thunder 06(3139)
U09 Travel  Donegal Thunder 09(3672)
U09 Travel  Donegal Thunder 11(3959)
U09 Travel  Donegal Thunder 12(4347)
U11 Travel  Donegal Thunder 07(3458)
U11 Travel  Donegal Thunder 03(2927)
U11 Travel  Donegal Thunder 04 Green(3096)
U11 Travel  Donegal Thunder 04 White(3097)
U12 Travel  Donegal Thunder 05(3299)
U13 Travel  Donegal Thunder 02(3131)
U14 Travel  Donegal Thunder 03 GREEN(3297)
U14 Travel  Donegal Thunder 03 WHITE(3298)