Print  Name:    Shippensburg SC Code:    06SHP
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City:    Shippensburg  State/Zip:    PA  17257
Club Website: Status:    Active
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Club Treasurer  Daniel Rose (814) 931-8369  Email Me
Club President  Todd Bard (717) 491-3788  Email Me
Club Registrar  Stevie Tsambiras (717) 860-6615  Email Me
Club Vice-President  Heidi Bassett (717) 495-2282  Email Me
Club Secretary  Amanda Kirkpatrick (717) 816-9340  Email Me
Club Venue
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Southampton Cumberla
200 Airport Rd Shippensburg PA
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Dykeman Park
441 South Fayette Street Shippensburg PA
= 1  0    
Shippensburg Memorial Park -- Pizza Hut Field
101 E Park Pl Shippensburg PA
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Greene Township Park
1006 Elevator Road Scotland PA
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U10 Travel SSC Rockets(4107)
U11 Travel SSC Lava(3801)
U12 Travel SSC Wildfire(3628)
U13 Travel SSC Blaze(3102)
U13 Travel SSC Dynamite(3377)
U14 Travel SSC Supercell(3093)
U09 Travel  SSC Cyclones(4242)
U09 Travel  SSC Volcano´s (4243)
U10 Travel  SSC Storm(3800)
U10 Travel  SSC Wolfpack(4108)
U11 Travel  SSC Xplosion(3627)
U11 Travel  SSC Comets(3799)
U12 Travel  SSC Tsunamis(3626)
U13 Travel  SSC Tornadoes(2836)
U13 Travel  SSC Lightning(3374)
U14 Travel  SSC Thunderbolts(3375)
U14 Travel  SSC Fire(3095)
U15 Travel  SSC Thunder(2831)
U17 Travel  SSC Hurricanes(4194)