Game Details as of 5/9/2021 4:22:18 PM
CPYSL U09 Girls 1
Game Number: 74546
Home Team: 
Team Age: 
Eagle F.C. 12G Black(4128)
Stephen Snyder  (717) 574-4490
Date:  Saturday, May 22, 2021
Guest Team:
Team Age: 
Scott Earley  (717) 372-5516
Time:  12:00 PM
Duration:  50 Minutes (40 min. Turn Around Time )
Note: Turn Around Time includes halftime plus time in between games
Status:  Active
Location:   Sporting Hill Station (formerly ESB) 
231 S Sporting Hill Road 
Mechanicsburg PA  17055 
Field:  1 ( Sports Complex)
Referee Status
Primary:    ~TBD~ Asst#1:    ~TBD~ Asst#2:    ~TBD~
Team StatisticsPlayedWinsTiesLossGoalsForGoalAgainstPoints
Eagle F.C. 12G Black(4128) 0 0 39 4 15
MYSC ELITE(4178) 0 3 8 17 6

Directions to Sporting Hill Station (formerly ESB).
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  1. Sporting Hill Station was formerly called Emergency Services Building (ESB).
    From Junction Rt. 15 and Rt. 581
    Follow the Harrisburg Expressway West (PA 581) to Exit #3 (Carlisle Pike).At the end of the exit ramp turn left on to the Carlisle Pike for .4 of a mile to the traffic light at the intersection of the Carlisle Pike and Sporting Hill Road.Turn right onto Sporting Hill Road and proceed .1 of a mile to the traffic light at the entrance to the Hampden Township Park.To enter the Emergency Services Building fields (ESB1 and ESB2), remain on Sporting Hill Road for .2 of a mile from the traffic light at the Hampden Park entrance to the next traffic light.Turn left at the light and proceed in the ESB drive.There is a right branch off of the entrance road, which must be taken.The soccer fields are about 100 yards ahead.There is parking at the fields.

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