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Expiration Date: 8/30/2007
 Title: USSF Referee Course Application

Thank you for your interest in holding a soccer referee course. In order for me to schedule a course the following items need to be completed and returned to me at least four weeks prior to the start of the course.
1. The course application form, indicating the sponsoring club or agency and proposed dates. The length of the course is 18 hours. Suggested rotations are Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday or Monday Wednesday, Saturday, Monday Wednesday. The instruction is in three hour blocks.Courses planned for Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend will not be approved unless there are extenuating circumstances
2. Application for entry level referee school for each applicant. The student information is completed twice so that the area assessor and the area assignor will have data concerning the new referee.
3. Cost of the course is $60.00 for each student. Please remit a check payable to EPSARC for the costof the course times the number of students you plan have. The minimum number of students is 15, the maximum is 30.Individual students who have submitted applications and payment to the area coordinator will be used to fill in the class. Please remit the check with the course application.
4. Students must have reached their 14th birthday prior to the start of the course. Upon completion of the course, students take a 100 question multiple choice exam covering the material presented. Obtaining a grade of 75 or better qualifies the student to become a a USSF Grade 8 referee. Failing students may take the exam one additional time, at a time and place mutually convenient to the student and instructor.

Referee Committee
Affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation

Application Form
USSF Grade Referee Course
(Candidates Must Be 14+ Years Old before starting class)

NOTE: Total course fee must be sent to the State Office three (3) weeks
Before the course starts or approval will be rescinded
Cost per student is $ 60.00

Sponsoring League/Club
Location of Course
Proposed Dates
Expected Number of Attendees (Minimum 15)  
Local Coordinator Name:
(Fax)  __________________
Signature of Sponsoring Official/Coordinator

Please Complete and Return To:              
119 Fernwood Rd
Cochranville, PA 19330
Fax 610-869-2401