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Expiration Date: 8/30/2006
 Title: Responsibilities of the Referee
Question: What are some of the responsibilities of the referee? Answer: Among the responsibilities which all referees must perform are:
1. Pre-game duties, including acknowledgment of game assignment, field inspection, etc.;
2. Mental and physical preparation to carry out all duties during the match;
3. Following the match, accurate preparation and timely submission of completed reports to appropriate authorities.
While the execution of the first two of these requirements is usually acceptable, experience has shown that many referees are deficient in the performance of the last of them. It cannot be over-emphasized that the official's obligations are not fulfilled until the proper paperwork is completed and submitted to the appropriate authorities. Clear, legibly written (preferably printed), grammatically correct reports written on authorized forms and submitted in a timely manner to the proper authorities are the basic requirements. Relevant training has been provided. Correct forms are available from the State Referee Administrators. There are adequate explanatory materials and personnel available to answer questions. Despite all of this, game and supplementary reports are seriously deficient, both in presentation of what is included as well as significant data that are being omitted. Specific areas needing attention follow:
1. Cautionable and Sending-Off Offenses must be recorded under only one of the categories as defined in Law 12 and listed in the "7+7" Memorandum previously distributed (and presently posted on the Federation website Referee Page).
2. A player who receives a second caution in the same match will be recorded separately for both misconduct offenses in the "Cautions" section, as well as in the "Send-Offs/Dismissals" section.
3. Names and numbers of disciplined players must coincide with data on the team's official roster.
4. A Supplemental Report for each separate unusual incident or Send-Off offense must be submitted.