Referee's Bulletin 
Expired In:  8/30/2006
Date Posted:  6/9/2003 8:47:38 PM
Bulletin Title:  Instructions to referees for youth matches
What Information Should You Present to the Players and Coaches After Pass Check-In?

Ask if there are any questions from either the coaches or players.

Take only one or two and then go to the next team or to center of field for coin toss.

Handling Substitutions
After you brief the players, you may want to talk to each coach about player substitutions. At the youth level, you could have multiple subs coming onto the field from both teams at the same time. Part of your administrative function is to assure the proper number of players on the field. Before you allow the restart of the game, quickly scan the field and count the number of players. If, during any portion of the match, the substitution patterns of the one or more coaches creates confusion as to the number of players on the field, you should inform the coaches that all subbed for players are to return directly to the coach and that the "new" player may only enter the field until after the player to be substituted for arrives at the coaches area. The game is then restarted.

Instructions to Club Line Persons

Instruct each of the line person to "snap" the flag when the entire ball goes out of bounds. This will allow you to "hear" the flag rather than trying to pick out the person from a large number of people. Ask them not to indicate the direction (either by flag or orally) the restart will take. However, you can ask them for assistance if you get screened from the play. Also, request that they not to give playing instructions to the players.
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