Expiration Date:  1/31/2022
Date Posted:  1/11/2022 10:14:27 AM
News Title:  ENTER YOUR SPRING 2022 TEAM COUNTS BY 1/30/2022
CPYSL's Spring 2022 Team Counts are OPEN through 1/30/2022.  Please enter your teams that plan to participate in the League's spring season.

     - U9-U12: always scheduled on Saturdays

     - U13 & U14: scheduled Saturdays in the spring, Sundays in the fall

     - U15 & Up: always scheduled on Sundays

Adding Teams to the Team Counts:

     1. The Club Officer with Login access is responsible to add teams to Team Counts.

     2. Once you have entered/updated your team(s) on your Club's home page, you can add them to the Spring 2022 Team Counts.

     3. Select “Click Here to Apply for Spring 2022 Games”

     4. Click on “Add Team to Play” in the upper right section of the page.

     5. Click on the team you want to pull into the Team Counts, complete the form.

     6. Click on the green “Click Here to Submit Your Form” button in the bottom right corner to save the information.
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