Expiration Date:  11/7/2021
Date Posted:  10/21/2021 12:54:34 PM
Here are some housekeeping items for CPYSL’s Cup Qualifying League games being played October 24, 30 & 31, and November 6 & 7.

Please keep in mind that these matches are being played so teams can qualify for State Cups.  Although we understand that you will skillfully play to win each match, there is no need to run up the score against teams when your victory is assured.

All Cup Qualifying League games will be played at PA Classics and Hempfield Quad fields.

Please check your schedule carefully to assure that you direct your team to the appropriate date/time and venue/field at which your team is scheduled to play.

Games will be two 25 minute halves.

Club Pass players are permitted.  The Club Pass player must be a member of YOUR CLUB and play PRIMARY on another team that plays in CPYSL.  The Club Pass player must be age appropriate for your team (same age or younger).  You will need to add the player to your line-up sheet (copies of your approved EPYSA roster).

We want to keep games moving, so there will be no on-field warm-ups prior to your matches.  Players should be dressed and ready to start, and goalkeepers should head directly to their respective goals.  To keep matches on schedule, please transition on and off the field quickly.

There will be no formal registration prior to your first match.  However, please make sure you have two copies of your roster and the correct referee fees with you at the beginning of each match.  Cup Qualifying League is considered regular season play, so no guest players are permitted to play in these matches.

Here are the referee fees:

U15/16: (Center) $63.00  (AR) $38.00/$38.00     Total Fee $139.00 ($69.50 per team)

U17/19: (Center) $69.00  (AR) $39.00/$39.00     Total Fee $147.00 ($73.50 per team)

Please have exact amounts in cash, any overpayment will be considered a “tip” for the referees.

Once the games are completed, please record your scores in the CPYSL system at

If there is anything urgent that you need to discuss over the weekend, please call your respective CPYSL VP: Girls, Joe Butera (717) 645-7564 and Boys, Simon Skudder (717) 891-5241.

Good luck to all…have some fun!!


Joe Butera, CPYSL VP of Girls (717) 645-7564

Simon Skudder, CPYSL VP of Boys (717) 891-5241

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