Expiration Date:  12/31/2021
Date Posted:  10/4/2021 2:07:24 PM
To all Member Clubs,

I will state the obvious, we have a shortage of certified referees in the Central PA region, if you take this broader, there is a shortage of youth sports officials across the nation, a small part can of course be blamed on the pandemic however a greater reason for the lack of officials is the increased verbal & physical assault of referees with under two years of service by parents & coaches. As they learn the game & how to officiate there is a constant barrage for perfection and an idea that their player can in no way be blamed for a foul.

As CPYSL has a zero tolerance for referee abuse and sanctions the individuals for their actions as we become aware, using match reports, affidavit from eyewitnesses and even video documentation CPYSL through due diligence is working to protect our referee pool.

In the meantime, the League needs your help to first retain the referees we have available for the games, but also help us recruit the next generation now. We are asking all clubs to set aside a time & date to hold a referee course, if during the season Sunday mornings seem to work best, all that is needed is a soccer field for 4 hours and registering the course with EPSARC, they will help register participants and assign instructors for the course.

Additionally, CPYSL would like to recommend that clubs identify likely candidates that have shown an interest in soccer and encourage them to attend a referee course as well as all assistant coaches take the course so that when an opening in the schedule occurs your matches will have a competent substitute to keep the games safe and officiated fairly.

Thank you for your assistance, please contact me directly for info to set up a referee course, I will gladly step up in any way to work with all to alleviate our biggest problem. I am also available to work with in-house recreational referees to excite them to move toward the next level.


James Conners

CPYSL President
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