Expiration Date:  6/30/2021
Date Posted:  5/12/2021 10:12:22 AM
May 10, 2021

To All CPYSL Referees & Coaches:

Regarding the restart of play after U10 players perform a header.


CPYSL in the fall of 2019 enacted a restart of a dropped ball after any U10 player (or younger) performs a header to play the ball either intentionally or not.


CPYSL has determined that the restart of a match by a youth player at the U10 (& younger) level should be the same as any other injury restart. Once a player performs the header, play will stop with a whistle by the referee and at that time the referee will check the player for any signs of concussion, if there is any concern the player shall be substituted by their respective team (opposing teams would be allowed to also sub at this time) and play will be restarted with a drop ball where the play occurred.

Per the CPYSL Coach Guidelines, bullet point9 reads "NOTE: Per USYSA, in matches U10 (& younger) players are discouraged from heading the ball, when any player in these age groups performs heading the ball, the match will be stopped immediately, and the player will be checked for signs of concussion. The coach may remove the player for further evaluation. Play is restarted with a drop ball where the incident occurred. If occurring inside the goal area by a defending player, ball will be moved to the goal area line nearest to spot of contact for the taking of the drop ball. If the heading player is an attacker, referee may drop the ball to the defending team for distribution (inside the penalty area, ball is dropped to keeper)."


At the beginning of the Spring/Fall soccer season, all Referees & Coaches should review the Coaches Guidelines & Referee Handbook for revisions to CPYSL matches as they may differ from other EPYSA Leagues. It is disappointing to hear from so many coaches that our referees are not reviewing the handbook to assure they get it right when officiating our matches. I also note that many coaches are sending emails to the League when the matches are restarted correctly per the League mandates and they are not aware as they have not kept current in our rules.


James Conners

President CPYSL

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