Expiration Date: 11/15/2020
In an effort to get all our participants on the same page, the following was sent to our referee base and this is official notice for the clubs to align with the referees and CPYSL...

Rule 1. Teams & spectators are to be on opposing sides of the field

1. Home team takes one side with bench, coach & spectators.

2. Visiting team occupies other side of touch line with bench, coach & spectators.

3. Spectators should be at least 6 from the touchline.

4. This is not a change from previous practice, this is the CPYSL Policy.

Rule 2. Kick-in

1. In an effort to minimize players touching the ball, a kick-in taken as an indirect free kick shall be awarded to the opposing team that put the ball into touch

a. 10 yards shall be given (just like any other ifk)

b. offside shall be enforced

Rule 3. Facemasks

1. This is not to become confrontational, referees are instructed to ask a coach politely to wear their mask during the match, advise that if giving instructions to the team during play it would be understood that their voice will travel better without the mask, however the mask should be back in place after giving those instructions.

2. Spectators are the responsibility of the coach, not the referee.

a. referees are instructed to ask the coach to have all spectators at the field wear masks

b. if spectators are not wearing masks, the referee will inform the coach that the spectator must step away from the field and other spectators

c. if they do not comply, at a stoppage, the referee will ask the coach to have them become compliant, if this does not occur, the situation will be entered in the match report under remarks and the league will notify club president of non-compliance, further incidents will be reported to EPYSA for sanction of the club

Rule 4. Goal kicks

1. Due to changes in Law 16 Goal Kick

a. ball is in play when it is kicked & moves

b. opposing players should clear the penalty area prior to the kick

c. if they have not left, yet the defending team has taken the kick the ball is in play, impetus is on the defending team to understand they have indeed started play even though opponents are in area.

d. in U9/10 matches, opposing players should be behind the build-out line prior to the kick, again if the defending team puts the ball in play before the attackers have moved behind line, the ball is in play

Hope this helps to clarify the concerns I have been receiving the last few days.

James Conners

President CPYSL