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Forms  CPYSL GAME REPORT CARD - SAMPLE CPYSL Game Report Cards must be filled in accurately and completely. Please follow the directions on the card to complete the card correctly. Game report cards should be given to the referee prior to the start of each game and retrieved post-game after the official score has been recorded and the card has been signed by the referee. After the final game of the season, return the card to your Club's Registrar to turn in at the CPYSL office. Incomplete cards and cards not returned are subject to a $25 fine. 
Rules  CUP QUALIFYING LEAGUE 2021 INFORMATION The Cup Qualifying League is for Club teams whose players are participating in high school ball through the fall season but would like to qualify for State Cup play in spring 2022.These Club teams are required to play at least “three” league games to qualify for State Cups. 
Rules  SPRING 2021 AMENDMENTS TO LEAGUE RULES Spring 2021 Amendments to League Rules 
Forms  CPYSL 2021 SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP_SUBMIT BY APRIL 30 CPYSL is offering two $500 scholarships for graduating seniors.Each scholarship award will be a one-time recognition per recipient in the amount of $500.00, awarded to one male and one female high school senior each calendar year. The scholarship award shall be used to help defray cost of tuition and fees at any accredited college, university, business, or trade school. Applicants must complete and submit the scholarship application forms along with an unofficial transcript of their high school records on/or before April 30. 
Rules  CPYSL COACH GUIDELINES CPYSL rules and regulations rev 2/2022.  
Rules  CPYSL REGISTRAR HANDBOOK_FALL 2022 Registration overview for CPYSL Club Registrars. (04/2022)  
Guides  CPYSL REGISTRAR HANDBOOK_SPRING 2022 Registration overview for CPYSL Club Registrars. (12-13-21)  
Forms  LEAGUE FEES_FALL 2022 Please complete a 2022 FALL LEAGUE FEES FORM for all teams in your club playing in CPYSL's Fall 2022 League. Submit form and payment by Sunday, July 10, 2022.  
Forms  LEAGUE FEES_CUP QUALIFYING LEAGUE 2022 Please complete a 2022 CQL LEAGUE FEES FORM for all teams in your club playing in CPYSL's Cup Qualifying League in late October and November. Submit form and payment by Sunday, October 2, 2022.  
Forms  TEAM, INSURANCE & PLAYER FEES_FALL 2022 This form needs to be submitted, with payment, for each team planning to participate in CPYSL's Fall 2022 season. Form and payment should only be submitted when team is COMPLETE AND READY FOR APPROVAL. AUGUST TOURNAMENT TEAMS - form and payment due in CPYSL office on or before Sunday, July 10. FALL LEAGUE PLAY ONLY - form and payment due in CPYSL office on or before Sunday, August 1. 1) Proof of birth must be UPLOADED for NEW players . 2) Player's full first & last names and date of birth must match proof of nicknames. 3) "Head shot" photos must be uploaded for every player and coach.  
Forms  COACH & PLAYER CHANGE REQUEST FORM A completed COACH & PLAYER CHANGE REQUEST FORM must be submitted for any coach or player change request to an approved roster. Fees for player changes will be calculated via EPYSA'S GotSport system, assessed, and billed at the end of each season. (rev 4/22) 'TRANSFER' REMINDER - Player’s RELEASE from their current team must be requested by the releasing club and approved in GotSport by the current league’s registrar PRIOR TO requesting a player’s TRANSFER. 
Rules  CPYSL PLAYING UP RULES & CONSENT FORM The age difference for players participating on a team in CPYSL shall not be greater than two (2) years for players whose true age of eligibility is for U11 Divisions & under, and three (3) years for players whose true age of eligibility is U12 or older. Any player requesting to play up in age more than two (2) years at the U11 & below ages or three (3) years at the U12 & older age groups will require the Club of the player to petition the respective CPYSL VP for acceptance at the requested level. 
Rules  CPYSL FINE & FEE MATRIX List of fines and fees for league infractions, Fall 2022.  
Forms  VOLUNTEER REFEREE REPORT FORM In the event that there is not an official referee for your game, a VOLUNTEER referee should be utilized. The VOLUNTEER should print, complete, and submit a VOLUNTEER REFEREE FORM along with copies of each team's Game Day line-ups (roster copies). 
Rules  CLARIFICATIONS TO LAWS OF THE GAME_CPYSL REVISIONS FIFA/US Soccer have recently updated and posted revisions to the Laws of the Game which when written were intended for the professional level games and are not as beneficial for the youth game. This document provides clarifications and revisions that will be followed and enforced in CPYSL. 
Rules  PLAYER NEED BULLETIN A step-by-step guide to advertise your player needs to field a team into the CPYSL website. 
Miscellaneous  CPYSL ONLINE FIELD CLOSURE ENHANCEMENTS In the event of inclement weather, we are working on making it possible for your club to close an individual field at a location (venue) rather than having to close the entire location (venue). This will be a great tool if you have a location where one field drains well and remains playable while others retain moisture creating the need for closure. In order to make this system work properly, you will need to list each individual field for each location (venue) listed for your club. Someone with CPYSL ADMIN rights for your club will need to log in to the CPYSL website, from the Fields tab in the left column, access your field location (venue), and then, at the bottom of the page, click on Add Field Name. Enter each individual field that is utilized at said Location (venue).  
Rules  LIGHTNING POLICY Please familiarize yourself with CPYSL's Lightning Policy. 
Rules  CPYSL ARBITRATION RULES Rules for filing an appeal on a decision made by the CPYSL league. 
Forms  CPYSL NEW CLUB MEMBER APPLICATION Thank you for your interest in the Central Penn Youth Soccer League (CPYSL). To be considered for membership, please read, print, complete, and submit all of the required materials outlined in our New Club Letter. For additional information about CPYSL, please read through the league's Constitution & Bylaws, Coach Guidelines, and Registrar Handbook which are posted in the Downloads section.  
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