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Type Name Description
Rules  CUP QUALIFYING LEAGUE 2021 INFORMATION The Cup Qualifying League is for Club teams whose players are participating in high school ball through the fall season but would like to qualify for State Cup play in spring 2022.These Club teams are required to play at least “three” league games to qualify for State Cups. 
Rules  SPRING 2021 AMENDMENTS TO LEAGUE RULES Spring 2021 Amendments to League Rules 
Rules  CPYSL COACH GUIDELINES CPYSL rules and regulations rev 1/2021.  
Rules  CPYSL PLAYING UP RULES & CONSENT FORM The age difference for players participating on a team in CPYSL shall not be greater than two (2) years for players whose true age of eligibility is for U11 Divisions & under, and three (3) years for players whose true age of eligibility is U12 or older. Any player requesting to play up in age more than two (2) years at the U11 & below ages or three (3) years at the U12 & older age groups will require the Club of the player to petition the respective CPYSL VP for acceptance at the requested level. 
Rules  CPYSL FEE & FINE MATRIX List of fines and fees for league infractions.  
Rules  CLARIFICATIONS TO LAWS OF THE GAME_CPYSL REVISIONS FIFA/US Soccer have recently updated and posted revisions to the Laws of the Game which when written were intended for the professional level games and are not as beneficial for the youth game. This document provides clarifications and revisions that will be followed and enforced in CPYSL. 
Rules  PLAYER NEED BULLETIN A step-by-step guide to advertise your player needs to field a team into the CPYSL website. 
Rules  LIGHTNING POLICY Please familiarize yourself with CPYSL's Lightning Policy. 
Rules  CPYSL ARBITRATION RULES Rules for filing an appeal on a decision made by the CPYSL league. 
Rules  2016-2017 CPYSL AMENDMENTS_REV 9-7-16 2016-2017 CPYSL AMENDMENTS_REVISED 9/7/2016 
Rules  CPYSL Referee Handbook CPYSL Referee Handbook, revised March 2021 
Coaches  U10 Tackling U10 session on teaching tackling 
Coaches  U10 Speed of footwork U10 session on foot speed and coordination 
Coaches  U12 Defending session Session that teachs defending  
Coaches  U12 Defending with Pressure Session that works on defending with Pressure and cover 
Coaches  U12 Penetration Teaching attacking penetration for U12 players. 
Coaches  U12 Spatial Awareness Session designed to help teach Spatial Awareness to the U12 player 
Coaches  U15 Expansion and Contraction Game to teach expansion and contrations  
Coaches  U16 Flank Play Session on flank play 
Coaches  U16 Vision Session to work on vision 
Coaches  U17 Combining Session for combination play 
Coaches  U17 Middle Third Session on developing play makers in the middle third. 
Coaches  U18 Heading for attack Heading session 
Coaches  U19 Attack from the GK Incorporating the goalkeeper into the attack 
Coaches  Goalkeeping - Dealing with Crosses Session from US Soccer on dealing with crosses 
Coaches  Goalkeeping - the GK Warm up Documentation from US Soccer on the goalkeeper warm up 
Coaches  Goalkeeper - Breakaways Documentation from US Soccer on Breakaways 
Coaches  Goalkeeper - Pressure Training Exercises Exercises by John Gregg DOC on pressure training for the goalkeper 
Coaches  Goalkeeper - Dealing with the breakaway Session and documentation by John Gregg DOC on Breakaways 
Coaches  Goalkeeping - Overload training Session by John Gregg DOC on overload training for the goalkeeper 
Coaches  NEW DVD List A list of 44 NEW DVD's being added to the CPYSL video library 
Coaches  3v2 Attacking Session designed for simple 3v2 Attacking exercise 
Coaches  U6 Balance - Coordination U6 lesson plan on Balance and Coordination 
Coaches  U6 movement Exercises U6 Lesson plan on movement 
Coaches  U6 Dribbling Lesson plan dealing with U6 dribbling activities. 
Coaches  U8 Dribbling Lesson Plan 
Coaches  U8 Receiving Lesson Plan 
Coaches  U8 Pairs Activities Lesson Plan 
Coaches  U8 Passing Session Lesson Plan 
Coaches  COACHING INFO-USYSA Soccer Skills Documentation put out by USYSA on teaching fundamental Soccer Skills to different ages. 
Coaches  1v1 Attacking exercise Session designed for simple 1v1 Attacking exercise 
Coaches  2v2 Attacking Session designed for simple 2v2 Attacking exercise 
Coaches  3v2 Defending Session designed for 3v2 Defending  
Coaches  US U20 WNT Final Report - World Cup Post U20 Women's World Cup report by the U20 US WNT staff coaches. 
Coaches  U6 Balance and Coordination U6 Training Session 
Coaches  U10 Heading session A session on teaching heading to U10 Players 
Coaches  U10 Receiving Lofted balls Session for coaches to work on lofted balls to u10 players. 
Coaches  Best Practices for coaching soccer in the US Documentation put out by US Soccer to show and demonstrate what skills should be used in developing young players in the US. 
Coaches  Region 1 ODP Sessions 4 training session used by the Region 1 ODP staff for U13 players.These session can be used for mutiple age groups.They include; Supporting the ball in the final 3rd, Finishing and Decisions in the final 3rd, Possession to Play Forward / Rhythm of Play 'Taking Pictures', and Defending Session - Limiting Options of Player on Ball. 
Coaches  U14 Defending Session designed to teach the first defender 
Coaches  U14 Flank Play Session designed to help teach flank play 
Coaches  U14 Possession Sessign for teaching good passing and possessional play 
Coaches  U14 Vision Teach young players about the importance of having good vision of the field. 
Coaches  U15 Combination Play Session to teach players how to combine with their forwards