Print  Name:    Dillsburg Area SC Code:    17DIL
Street:    PO Box 114 Phone:   
City:    Dillsburg  State/Zip:    Pa  17019
Club Website: Status:    Active
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Director of Player Development  Simon Skudder (717) 891-5241  Email Me
Club President  Dawn Lusk (717) 649-0099  Email Me
Club Registrar - Girls  Brandy Zarate (717) 432-7893  Email Me
Club Venue
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80 Logan Road Dillsburg PA
- 2  0    
Logan Park (Dillsburg)
80 Logan Road Dillsburg PA
- 2  0    
Chestnut Park
298 West Ridge Road Dillsburg PA
- 2  0    
166 Water Street Dillsburg Pa
- 1  0    
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Female's Team (System TeamId) Male's Team (System TeamId)
U09 Travel Dillsburg Xplosion(3841)
U10 Travel Dillsburg Dynamite(3478)
U11 Travel Dillsburg Lightning(3561)
U11 Travel Dillsburg Destroyers(3380)
U12 Travel Dillsburg Avalanche(3381)
U14 Travel Dillsburg Polar FC(3383)
U15 Travel Dillsburg Force(3385)
U16 Travel Dillsburg Purple Pride(3698)
U19 Premier Dillsburg United(3424)
U09 Travel  Dillsburg Storm(3869)
U09 Travel  Dillsburg Eclipse(3944)
U09 Travel  Dillsburg Hawks(3945)
U10 Travel  Dillsburg Blast(3553)
U11 Travel  Dillsburg Sonic(3554)
U11 Travel  Dillsburg FC Fury(3364)
U11 Travel  Dillsburg Thunder(3472)
U12 Travel  Dillsburg Energy(3408)
U13 Travel  Dillsburg Raptors(3406)
U13 Travel  Dillsburg Predators(3587)
U14 Travel  Dillsburg Knights(2550)
U15 Travel  Dillsburg Stampede FC(3409)
U18 Travel  Dillsburg FC U18(3473)
U19 Travel  Dillsburg En Fuego(3091)