Expiration Date:  7/20/2020
Date Posted:  6/1/2020 2:20:41 PM
News Title:  Summer Camp
2020 DASC Travel Summer Camp (July 20-24, 5-8 PM)

DASC Travel Soccer Camp

This summer soccer program allows players to learn the value of teamwork, achieve individual success, and develop a strong ethic of good sportsmanship in a fun and encouraging environment.


Register your interest for the camp for $0 with no financial obligation to attend camp today. There will be a $90 charge once we receive confirmation that camp may be held while complying with the latest governing body guidelines. We expect to send confirmation a week prior to camp, at the latest.

Simon Skudder, the DASC Director of Player Development, will be directing this camp.

Coaches include:

Andrew Beesley - DASC Coach

Chase Foster - DASC Coach

Jamie Ellis - ODP Coach

Jess Derrickson - DASC Coach

Rudy Grubesky - DASC & Collegiate Coach

Simon Skudder - DOPD of Dillsburg Area Soccer Club

Coach profiles -

Travel (U8-U15)

July 20 - July 24

5-8 PM

Location: Logan Park - 80 Logan Rd, Dillsburg

Fee: $90*

Registration fees, once paid, are non-refundable.

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